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Hunter Valley African Violet Society Inc.

Gesneriad Study Group


The Gesneriad Study Group meets on the second Sunday of the month at a member's home, a different venue each month.

We focus on a topic and a volunteer prepares a presentation and leads the discussion.

Members and visitors are welcome, contact us for this month's venue.


Meetings for 2022


9th January - Combined meeting with AVAA (Sydney). 10am start.

13th February -

13th March -

10th April -

May - no meeting.

12th June -

10th July –

14th August –

11th September -

9th October –

13th November -

11th Dec -



Meetings have been disrupted due to covid.


December meeting at a member's home, 10am start byo lunch, chair.


January 2022 meeting is a comined HVAVS and AVAA meeting at a member's home, 10am start byo lunch and chair.


Meetings for 2020


12th January - My Favourite Gesneriad.

9th February - Episcia

8th March - What is/is not doing well

12th April - How to present your plant for showing.

May - no meeting.

14th June - Potting mixes for gesneriads

12th July – Rhizomes/tubers, harvesting, storing and planting.

9th August – Primulina

13th September - Titanotrichum oldhamii

11th October – Miniature Sinningias

8th November - Break up and rejuvenate streptocarpus

13th Dec - Furry gesneriads


Meetings for 2019

Planned at our December 2018 meeting, may change as the year progresses.

13th January - Webinair

10th February - Basket Gesneriads

10th March - Hybridising mechanics

14th April - Species Gesneriads

May - no meeting.

9th June - Lesser known Gesneriads

14th July – What is NOT doing well

11th August – Rhizomes

8th September - Foliage Gesneriads

13th October – What IS doing well

10th November - Streptocarpus

8th Dec - Sinningias



Meetings for 2018

Planned at our December 2017 meeting, may change as the year progresses.

14th January - Miniature Gesneriads

11th February - Episcia

11th March - Photographing plants.

8th April - Fieldia and seed from the seed fund.

May - no meeting.

10th June - Botanic terms used in naming species gesneriads.

8th July – Australian hybrids and Australinan hybridisers

12th August – Gesneriads to grow in full sun, part sun and shade.

9th September - My favourite species gesneriad.

14th October – Columnea.

11th November - What is doing well and what is not doing well.

9th Dec - My favourite foliage gesneriad.