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Hunter Valley African Violet Society Inc.

Gesneriad Study Group


The Gesneriad Study Group meets on the second Sunday of the month at a member's home, a different venue each month.

We focus on a topic and a volunteer prepares a presentation and leads the discussion.

Members and visitors are welcome, contact us for this month's venue.


Meetings have been disrupted due to covid.

No meeting in August.

Zoom in September, October and November.

Topic for November is pH, contact us for Zoom link.


Meetings for 2020


12th January - My Favourite Gesneriad.

9th February - Episcia

8th March - What is/is not doing well

12th April - How to present your plant for showing.

May - no meeting.

14th June - Potting mixes for gesneriads

12th July – Rhizomes/tubers, harvesting, storing and planting.

9th August – Primulina

13th September - Titanotrichum oldhamii

11th October – Miniature Sinningias

8th November - Break up and rejuvenate streptocarpus

13th Dec - Furry gesneriads


Meetings for 2019

Planned at our December 2018 meeting, may change as the year progresses.

13th January - Webinair

10th February - Basket Gesneriads

10th March - Hybridising mechanics

14th April - Species Gesneriads

May - no meeting.

9th June - Lesser known Gesneriads

14th July – What is NOT doing well

11th August – Rhizomes

8th September - Foliage Gesneriads

13th October – What IS doing well

10th November - Streptocarpus

8th Dec - Sinningias



Meetings for 2018

Planned at our December 2017 meeting, may change as the year progresses.

14th January - Miniature Gesneriads

11th February - Episcia

11th March - Photographing plants.

8th April - Fieldia and seed from the seed fund.

May - no meeting.

10th June - Botanic terms used in naming species gesneriads.

8th July – Australian hybrids and Australinan hybridisers

12th August – Gesneriads to grow in full sun, part sun and shade.

9th September - My favourite species gesneriad.

14th October – Columnea.

11th November - What is doing well and what is not doing well.

9th Dec - My favourite foliage gesneriad.